No More Bait and Switch!

2008 Ballot-Box Stuffing

2006 Victory


Do you know that approval of the 2006 proposal would have made the LLAD tax, with an annual inflation adjustment, permanent?

Victory in 2006, Rigged Vote in 2008

Reports listed to the left tell the story of how Oakland residents defeated an increase in the so-called Landscape and Lighting Assessment (LLAD) in 2006.

The city council needed two more years, but by stuffing the ballot box it declared the LLAD tax passed, even though voters rejected it, knowing that nearly 80 cents of every new dollar will not be used for parks, trees, or street lights.

However, ORPN's reports of how City Hall stuffed the ballot box touched off a wave of outrage and media scrutiny across Oakland. The city council made a tactical retreat, canceling the increase for the 2008-09 fiscal year, although the council left the false certification of voter approval on the books.

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