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Understaffed police
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Measure Y betrayed
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Oakland Remains a City of Super-High Crime Rates     2015 totals
Owner of California Waste Solutions Doesn't Pay His Garbage Bills     David Duong
Twist Research and Waste City Money on Bad Policy     Anne Campbell Washington
Blatant Theft of Package from Porch (14 sec. video)
    Followed mail carrier down Nevil St.
Dumping – How Starving Students Does Business in Oakland     (video, 1m 30s)
Aftermath of Another Oakland Vandalism Spree     Shop owner calls out City officials
Video of Car Break-in     (46 seconds)
No Reduction in Oakland's Super-High Rates of Crime     First four months of 2015
Video of Illegal Dumping on an Oakland Street     Enos Ave.
CHP Breaks Up Massive Sideshow at Port of Oakland     Mayor Quan's final riot
Measure Y Rapper Brings Loaded Gun Into Airport     Burbank
Stop the Zoo's Land Grab of Knowland Park!  
Daytime Shootout at Walgreens Hits Bystander     by I-580
Defeating Measure Z Does Not Mean Fewer Police  
Mayor Quan Declares Trash Rapper Day     Mistah F.A.B.
Financial Derelict on City Council Sells Measure Y Tax  
Citizen Expert on Measure Y Blasts New Language     Marleen Sacks
Shootout in Brookdale Park Repeats 2007 Incident  
Oakland Crime Trumps Oakland Dissent     Cultural group barred
Measure Y Fraud Can Be Stopped This Year  
What Did Leland Yee Do for Too Short?     In return for contribution
More Crime for Oakland Residents in 2013     Quan's stats versus the numbers
City Hall Celebrates Mirage Money at "Brooklyn Basin"     Chinese investor
City Hall Delayed Audit Until After Wildfire Vote     Ten-year tax assesment
City Threatens Laurel District Shops and Stores     MacArthur-High development
Unusual Community Meeting Reveals City Failure     City officials duck anger at crime
Murals Don't Stop Taggers     Tags everywhere
Video Depicts Vandalism on Innocent Motorist after Zimmerman Verdict
Deputy Mayor Solicits Campaign Funds for Mayor     City pays Sandre Swanson
Council Still Cannot Run a Meeting     Allows mob disruptions
Worried about Public Safety – But Not Budgeting for It     Mayor Quan and city council
A Typical Map of Oakland Violence   
High Crime, Too Few Police, and It's Not Poverty     UCB professor's data
Diner Robbed Walking Back to His Car   Victim proves OPD understaffing is the problem
Protest Reassignment of Captain Ersie Joyner!     Seasoned field commander
Mayor Quan's Defensive Budget Math   Overstated cost of adding police
Lionel "Ray" Fluker     Neighborhood activist killed in crossfire
Attorney John Burris' and Tribune's Latest Attack on OPD Goes Too Far   
Graffiti Next to Decorated Garbage Can     Tiling mosaics while tsunami of blight rolls in
Oakland Mayor Promotes Lock-Picking Class   In weekly feel-good newsletter
In a Heap of Fluff Talk, Little Stones of Doublespeak     Sets community against police
Burglars Break into Occupied Home After Midnight   Victims at home
Neighbor's Video Records Mid-Day Burglary   
Mayor Quan's Bratton Game   Always evades understaffing
Had Enough Bullets Flying Around?   Open gunfire on Oakland streets
The Untrue and Instructive Boast of Councilmember Kaplan   
John Burris, Barbara Parker, and City Capitulation   Election for city attorney
Street Fair Promotes Boom Car Disrespect   Laurel district
City Officials Approve Noise Assault on 100,000 People   Coliseum event
City Grants Subsidize $245,000-a-Year Social Program Executive   
New Baseball Stadium? Let's See a Public Safety Impact Report   
Mosaic Fanatics Deface Maxwell Park Pillars   
The Honorable Jean Quan ATM   Our nominee, one among many possible
City Tallies Mishandling of Occupy Oakland at $4.8 Million   
Mayor's Main Sympathy Is For Criminals   Cold to victims of crime
Chief Jordan Explodes Justification of "100 Blocks"   Crime all over city
Restore The Park Rangers!   
A Resident Supports the Proposal for More Police Staffing Academies
Why Oakland Politics Stink    Councilmember's campaign for city attorney job
Community Garden Trashed – It's the Oakland Syndrome
"More Crime Doesn't Necessarily Mean More Crime"    Mayor Quan Speaks
100 Blocks vs. the Hills – Or Jean Quan vs. Oakland Residents
Quan Picks 100 Secret Blocks, Abandons 98% of Oakland   
More Crime By Two Youth UpRising Rappers   Agency Funded by Mayor Quan
Movement to Recall Mayor Tests Legitimacy of City Government   
The Flaw of Local Liberalism   No more results for poor and working people
"I don't see anything positive at all happening in Oakland," says William Bratton, former police chief of New York City. "It's a perfect storm of bad: too much oversight, not enough support from city leaders, too few officers." – (Wall Street Journal, Dec. 15, 2011)
Jean Quan Repeats False Claim to Identity-Politics Milestone   Not first A-A mayor
Defeat of Mayor's Parcel Tax Boosts Momentum for Recall   Vote is 62-38 against
Endless Chaos Engulfs Incompetent Mayor   Twenty years of failure before Occupy disaster
Oakland Bureaucrats Feast During Financial Famine   Treasury analysts
Mayor Quan Compelled to Distort Her Public Safety Record   Replies to recall petition
Measure I Tax on Your Home - Outright Swindle   No specific services for your money
Oakland – Most Violent Large City in California   By factor of two to three
Occupy Oakland, Mayor Quan, and Public Safety   
Mayor Quan's Incredible Speech of Denial   Turns fire hazard into issue of identity politics
Daytime Robbery-Shooting on Laurel Commercial Strip   
Mayor's Residence Is Repeat Fire Hazard Offender   2007, 2009, 2011
Oakland Mayor Keeps Blighted Home with Fire and Safety Hazards   (Photos)
The more research I do on reducing crime, the more I'm convinced that our highest priority must be hiring more police officers. – Councilmember Libby Schaaf, newsletter to constituents, Sept. 20, 2011
Replacement Grant for Police    Federal COPS grant welcome but will do little
It's a Choice – Spend First for Public Safety or Social Programs   
Mayor Pays City Administrator $140 Per Hour, 380 Gift Hours, ...   
Crime Is Not Down in Oakland   Contradiction in City's own reports reveal increase
Burglarized Resident Won't Drink "National Night Out" Kool-Aid   Emails mayor Quan
Fitch Downgrades $649 Million of Oakland City Debt   Warning to mayor of fiscal disaster
Rapist and Robber Captured!   From victim's video
Murals Around the Flatlands   Can't escape anti-social behavior
Jean Quan's Private Attorney Conducts City Business   Siegel tells city attorney to get lost
Ranked Choice for Mayor, Tricks-by-Mail for Tax
Oakland Mayor Concentrates On Identity Politics    While city service deterioriates
Time to Shut Down Redevelopment Waste    Quan's fantasy scare stats
Quan's First Big Move Is Demand For More Taxes    Regressive parcel tax
Take Away People's Right to Elect City Attorney    So Says Mayor Quan
Quan: Listen to Me, Not Your Neighbors    Spin instead of action
Oakland's Poverty and Oakland's Crime – Ordinary and Extraordinary    
City Council Cuts Police Force    More than the 80 layoffs reported in press
Quan: I Fire Cops    Mayoral campaign mailer
City Refuses to Disclose Slush-Fund Grants    Pay-Go criticized by grand jury
Mailer Sells BB with Lies    Phony promise of more police
BB - New Tax, Bolder Swindle, More Crime    On 2010 ballot
Family Under Noise Assault in North Oakland    While City glorifies boom cars
Quan to Quan: Careful with Your Purse in Oakland    Safeway incident
Preparing for Hate-the-People Anarchists    Attacking innocent in anger over Mehserle verdict
A Couple of Facts from San Francisco Police    Understaffed OPD
How to Rewrite History, Oakland-Style    Quan on library delayed for years
Javier's House and the Folly of Police Layoffs    By Greg Hartwig
Fatal Assault in Broad Daylight    Quan says crime is down!
New Lawsuit Targets Police Understaffing and Poverty Pimp Greed
Councilmember Defends Wrecking Oakland's Finances    Quan's fiscal disaster
OPD Robbery Bulletin    International Blvd.
Parking "Gotchas"    Signs of the times
Club Owners Demand Reduced Fees, Create Public Safety Problems
Mayor Dellums Hit with Second Federal Tax Lien    $250,000
ATM Theft
How Oakland Memorializes    Drug gang street shrine
Feds Slap $239,000 Tax Lien on Mayor Dellums
Crumbling Crosswalks, Wasted Money, Glory for Councilmember    In Laurel
Urinating on the Neighborhood
"Anti-Violence" Program Chief Says Oakland Not a Gang Town    Youth UpRising
Our Impaired Mayor: A Difficult But Necessary Discussion
Hypocrisy about the City's Financial Crunch    Quan's New York junket
City Hall Budgeting Takes Oakland Down
Anti-police PUEBLO Whitewashes Alliance Metals
Kids First Czar Exposes His Own Folly
Stop the Money Grab! Vote No on Measure D!
Violating Measure Y to Eliminate Park Rangers
North Oakland Alerts Shooters They Are Watched    (PDF)
Poster Denounces Killer Thugs    Seen around town
Dellums' Attack on Public Safety Tests Every Politician
No Rangers to Catch Nightime Bonfire Party Fools    Quan's cut
Eager for Pork, Councilmember Wants Sales Tax Hike
City Public Safety Manager Opposes Adequate Police Force    Minimizes understaffing
Save City Youth Programs and Facilities! Repeal OO!
We Will Not Attend Mayor's Vigil     Versus memorial service
Mayor Protects Corrupt Employees     Nepotism audit blocked
Hear Roosters? Think Cockfights     More than nuisance noise
Three Shot in Drive-by near Youth UpRising     We need police not poverty pimps
City Council's Con Artist Goes After You Again     Quan's so-called parks tax
Judge Rules City Violated Measure Y  
Residents Resist Councilmember's Social Program Invasion     In Laurel district
Dellums Steps Up Attack on Public Safety  
The Irresponsibility of a Social Program Operator     Oscar Grant riot
City Rewards Accomplice in Vote Rigging     Fat contract for Francisco & Associates
Corruption and De-Policing of Oakland Ignite Officer Protest     No-confidence vote
Dellums to Hollywood: Leave Glorification of Thug Culture to Us     HBO pimps
Oakland Ranked Fifth Most Dangerous City     On national list
Secret Government Spent $25,000 to Rig LLAD Tax Vote     
FBI Reports Huge Oakland Violence     Two to three times other cities
Dellums: "Historical Day" - Most Police in Oakland History     
Dellums Budget Cuts Police     Park Rangers in particular
Measure OO Campaign Run Out of City-Funded Office     Greedy Kids First Two
"Public Safety Districts" Abandon Safety     Attack on NCPCs
Environment Degraded, Democracy Corrupted     California Waste Solutions, Jean Quan
Mayor to Peralta Colleges on LLAD: Vote But Don't Pay     Elihu Harris on video
'Suge' Knight arrested in Vegas drug, assault case     Should come to Oakland
City Hall Partners with Drug Rapper for National Night Out     Beeda Weeda
Dellums' Worn-out Politics Are Killing Oakland     
Thugs Use Violence for Kicks, Not to Get Food     Perata carjacking
Divided Council Gives In to Son of Measure Y
Judge Rules It Was Legal to Mislead Voters About Tax     Russo squirms
Councilmember Misrepresents and Threatens     Quan distorts facts of LLAD tax vote
City Backs Off LLAD Tax Hike     Victory for Oakland residents
Council Meeting Will Reconsider LLAD Tax Hike     
Supreme Court Ruling Increases Pressure on LLAD Tax Hike     
Dellums Proposes Son of Measure Y Tax     Full of loopholes
Scandal of Stuffed Ballot Box Widens     Press scrutiny develops new evidence
City Tampered with LLAD Tax Vote     Stuffed the ballot box outright
Edgerly Scandal Is Scandal for Mayor and Council     Years of corruption revealed
Rigged Ballot Increases LLAD Tax Anyway     Real people rejected tax hike
Oakland Homicides, Then and Now     1947 and today
Broken Window, Social Programs, and Half a Police Force
City Covers Up Toxic Waste Under Senior Housing     Decades of benzine chemicals
Fremont High Students Riot in Foothill Blvd.     AC Transit, library and cars terrorized
"People get robbed everywhere, even San Ramon"     Councilmember Quan's excuse
Community Policing Is Casualty of City Hall Gimmick     PSOs bail out
City Hall Graduates New Police, Keeps Them Off the Street     Field training snafu
"Sideshow" Driver Crashes, Destroys Home     On 90th Avenue
City Sued for Measure Y Violations     Homeowner attorney fed up
Another Outrage Connected to Youth UpRising     Dance instructor is child molester
Chief of De-Policed Oakland Goes to Church     Cities compared for 2007
City Gets Award for Misused Measure Y Money     Insider's wife gets subsidized salary
Oakland Leads in Homicide Workload Per Detective     Cities compared for 2007
Unreported Shooting at 25 Families Gathering     Shots fired at west Oakland YMCA
Oakland's Two Mayors Stage Phony Safety Actions     Perata and Dellums
Two Bakeries and Half a Police Force     Backing for Merritt Bakery, none for Neldam's
Peace of mind in Oakland: Hello Everyone. I am really pleased and reassured to see how active our community is. It gives me peace of mind. I just moved in five months ago. Since then I have had my house shot at, drug deals near my home, prostitution, and suspicious individuals scoping out my street for the next burglary. My question is, what can I do about it? – from a Maxwell Park email list, Feb. 22, 2008
City Hall Ignores Storeowner's Safety Plea     Temescal hardware store
Southern California Developer's Shills Exposed     Promoting councilmember's pet project
Children's Hospital Overreaches with Tax for Tower     Decisive defeat in round one
Why Did Dellums Leave Congress?     Blames local crisis on nation
Cleaning Up After a Shooting     Near MacArthur BART
Summit Meeting on Police Understaffing     Question is, when?
From Piano Store to Taco Truck, Depolicing Kills Oakland     
Attempted Break-In, Neighborhood Left Vulnerable   North Oakland home
Don't Have Community Support? Fake It!     Carlos Plazola shills for developer
As Councilmember Smiles, Dimond Peet's Store Hit   Quan's chief of staff replies
Girl Robbed Next to Library Branch in the Hills     No public safety around public facility
Oakland Remains a City of Homicides   Kill rate five times greater than New York City
State Senator Perata Carjacked in Oakland     Thugs wanted car for drag racing
Police Make Arrests in Asian Restaurant Robberies   Stretched OPD's professional work
Useless Button Tries to Polish Measure Y Image
Daytime Killing Two Blocks from City Hall     Near Dellums federal building
Teen Murderer Knew Oakland Doesn't Find Killers     Alameda killing
Noise Laws Can Be Enforced     Peoria gets results
Developer's Last-Minute Plans Insult Oakland     Did Quan advise him?
Dellums' Outreach Plan Based on Misrepresentation     More pork for Youth UpRising
City-Funded Agency Demonstrates Against Police     AYPAL gets $200,000 a year
M.D. Says Oakland Must Silence the Noise     Stress, high blood pressure, heart disease
Mayor, Let's Have That Conversation on Police Staffing     Following town hall meeting
Youth UpRising's Cozy Deal with Oversight Chief     $56,000 contract greases wheels
Factoid: Oakland had the highest rate of violent crime of any large city in California last year – 190.5 incidents for every 10,000 people, according to a Times analysis of recently released FBI data. That's nearly 2 1/2 times the rate in Los Angeles. (Los Angeles Times, Nov. 11, 2007)
City Resumes Role as Waste Management's Enforcer     Pay bill right away or be liened
Alameda Police Nab Oakland Murder Suspects     Shot 15-year-old girl in back
Well Dressed "Rat Pack" Attacks Bystander     At noon on Piedmont Ave.
Mayor: "Want 1,100 police? Then Let's Go There"     Exchange at town hall
Robbed Three Times, Subway Shop Closes     While City does "outreach"
Community Service, not Glory, for This Gutter Rapper     Snoop Dogg
Councilmembers: Got a Problem with 1,100 Police?
Forget Auto Theft, Let's Legislate on Dogs
Budget Flimflam, Public Danger     Measure Y again
Waste Management Wins No-Penalty Deal from Dellums     Plus insult to apartments
Stats Show Residents Fight Back Against Robbers     Desperate in de-policed Oakland
Letter to Dellums: "My co-worker was mugged last night…"
Mayor of De-Policed City: "Recall me"     Refuses to add police
Quan-AMG Anti-Senior Project Dealt Heavy Blow     Polluted-air locale rejected
Home Break-ins Go Daytime in Montclair District     Councilmember denies crimes
Youth UpRising Welcomes Gutter Rapper     Too Short tries to scrub reputation
Numerical Gobbledygook About Police Understaffing     Councilmember misinforms
Too Early To Give In To Waste Management     City goes easy on corporation
Thugs Shoot at Police after Street Killing     Officers duck for cover
Asst. Chief Admits Hundreds of Police Needed     Goes halfway on need for staff
Auto Burglary at Grand Lake Farmers' Market     Council gave vendors street parking
Dellums' "No Comment" Changes to a Comment     Supported Bey mob to end
Gathering Acorns While the Forest Burns     City Hall does National Night Out
Temescal District Wins Crime Wave Award     Latest in endless series
New York Times Reports Oakland's Shame     Bailey Murder and Raid on Bey Mob
Los Angeles Adds 330 Police in Two Years     Net gain of officers
Council Wants to Clone Youth UpRising All Over Oakland     
Maxwell Park Residents: Oakland Needs 1,100 Police     Protest at city council meeting
Auto Thefts Blanket Oakland     Oakland is huge chunk of Alameda County's vehicle crime
Can This Program Prevent Violence?     Pathways to Change is expensive drop in bucket
Not Hit by Stray Bullet Yet, Residents Write to Council     Photo of thug's shrine
City Outsources Public Planning for Trade Center
Councilmembers Don't Care About Prosecuting Crime     Larry Reid, John Russo reply
Fireworks Canceled - Get Ready for Fireworks
Corruption of Culture, Culture of Corruption     Budget game, campaign money, no library
Downtown Oakland; Neighborhood Oakland
Three Steps to Public Safety     ORPN commentary in Montclarion
Mayor Gives Up Airport Rent-a-Cop Business     Years of putting profit before safety
City Hall Plugs Hole in Rockridge Dike     After crime wave washes over
All the Garbage     Waste Management and councilmember Quan
Fees Up, Services Down in Dellums' Budget     Seven pointed questions for City Hall
Couple's First Visit to Oakland Is Last     Nightmare at Veteran's Hall
PUEBLO Shown Campaigning Against Peaceful Neighborhoods     Documents show
Guardian Angels Come to Oakland     Sign of total failure of City government
Brunner's Excellent Evasion     Youth would escort BART passengers through danger zones
Merchant Alert in Oakland's Dimond District     Warning posters up over a month
Oakland Thugs Boast for YouTube Video
Dellums' Top Staffer Is Also Clorox Director     But leaves office after ORPN exposé
City Raises Alarm Fee     Police Still Arrive Too Late
Dellums' Rhetoric Boils Down to Tax Increase     Mayor wants another LLAD vote
Chamber Survey of Business Demands Public Safety     Policy ideas fall short
Carjack in Oakland, Get Caught in Union City     Oakland's huge auto theft problem
A Holdup, A Killing, A Library     Pizzeria owner shoots back
The Blight of Gutter Rap     Purple City album with Too Short
Cafe Employee Beaten: How Councilmember Reports     MacArthur Blvd. crime wave
Sideshow Homicide – Everyone Packs a Gun?
Get Rid of Imus – and Sexist Rap, Too     Youth agency welcomes gutter rapper
Mayor Seeks More Police Officers     (Sorry, that's Los Angeles)
City Staff Starts Campaign for LLAD Tax Hike     After voters said No in 2006
Lobbyist Firm Donates to City Campaign, Gets No-Bid Contract     Measure N
Gunplay for the Seniors     Councilmember doesn't care
Dellums Doubletalk Ignores Police Shortage     Reorganizing instead of hiring
Attacks on Oaklanders Up More than 29 Percent
Quan Digs In Against Constituents     For Encino developer
Brunner Pits Oaklander Against Oaklander – Again
Councilmember, Developer Dump Refried Beans on Laurel District
City Hall Talks While Police Crisis Worsens
City Council Holds Back East Oakland Library     Two years late, maybe never
Councilmember's Oakland must be in alternate universe: Councilmember Jane Brunner, trying to comment on public safety issues, writes, "I have heard frustration from neighbors who see young people dealing drugs or harassing their neighbors. The police often come by, put them in the car, take them away and, within four hours, they are back out on the streets." (Oakland Tribune, Feb. 12, 2007) Oakland police do not "often come by," because the city council persists in maintaining only half a police department. Does councilmember Brunner really believe the unreal premise she needs for yet another evasion of the council's responsibility?
Police Shut Down Rapper's Liquor Store Show     Youth UpRising favorite Too Short
Neighborhoods in the Hills Lose Public Safety     Montclair, Claremont, Hiller Highlands
Police Chief Tucker Misleads Residents About Fingerprints     Maxwell Park meeting
Mayor's Inauguration Includes Hyphy Celebration     Socially conscious thizzin'
For Oakland, a Calm New Year's Eve – Police Presence Works
Listen, Oakland Officials, to National Debate Over Rap
Oakland Thugs Riot in Concord     Not tolerated there
Live in this "city" at your own risk: Four youth tried to break into my house today around noon. My neighbor called the police and said that it took them around an hour to respond. The youth were chased down the street, and one fired a gun at the ground to warn my neighbor off. (About an area near freeway 580 and west of High St. From an email list.)
KRON News: Crime Hurting Dimond Commercial District
Police Department Has No Fingerprint Staff     Councilmember makes excuses
Berkeley Homicides Double – From 2 to 4     Other crime categories down
Assaults and Thefts Surround City-Funded Senior Housing     Lincoln Court
Neighborhoods in Hills Lose Public Safety     Citywide solution is at least 1,100 police
Defend Our NSCs and Access to Police Dept.!     Safety mission watered down
Nightly shooting battle at house: From an Oakland email list, reporting on nightly shots into a house because of a feud or dispute over street business: The innocent neighbor next door after over 40 years cannot stay at her house at night because bullets come through the windows. Her tenant downstairs who has a small child moved out. Several bullets have penetrated her apartment. This has been going on for some time now. Hey, maybe they should watch TV and learn how to do stakeouts or something. Something has to be done – this has gone on far too-o-o-o long.
[The location is near MacArthur and High. The police, not the residents, should do the stakeout, but these people are not important enough, and Oakland has only half a police department.]
League of Women Voters Approves Campaign Corruption     Forget clean government
KTVU Expose: Arrests Down 45%, Crime Up 25%
Father Attacks Rec Center Director     Police unable to protect City employees
Woman Exits Mingles, Is Shot Dead     City Hall compromises with culture of disrespect
Voters to Council: No Palace Library     Huge bond proposal defeated
3/12 Schedule No Substitute for Enough Police
City Stages New Raid on Measure Y Funds     Not authorized under "violence prevention"
Fewer Police; Chief's More Desperate Spin     While he mocks hiring goal that he endorsed
300 Oakland Children March against Crime
City Commission Tells Developer: Change It     At MacArthur and High
Councilmember Brooks' Mistake on Police Understaffing
Unpoliced Oakland: Aiming to reduce vehicle theft, Berkeley officials and activists discussed whether to offer residents a device like The Club or a hidden LoJack tracking transmitter. Activist Vincent Casalaina favors the latter: "Unobservable systems make thieves think, 'Would it be better if I just went over to Oakland?'" (Daily Californian, Sept. 25, 2006)
City Places Teens In Cockroach-Infested Apartments     Outsourcing to agencies fails
Oakland Sideshows Go Regional     West Sacramento thrill-seeker shot
Councilmember Campaigned for Tax with Public Money     Quan raided City treasury
Airport Rejects National Guard     Oakland wants Rent-A-Cop profit
A "Top 100" Squad – or a Walking Officer?
Committee Prefers Politics to Oversight     Supposed to watch Measure Y funds
Jail Closed, and Results Are In     Police work slowed, wasted
Sign the Oak to Ninth Petition!     Ensure public safety for current Oaklanders first
Measure Y Money Promotes Sideshows     At Youth UpRising
Politicians Squabble Over Crime, Ignore Understaffing
Resident Blogs Street Crime in Cry for Help
Quan's Misinformation on Violence Funds
Questions About Kaiser Center
Despite Cheery Tribune, Police Staffing Shrinks Further
MacArthur-High Project Arouses Community Opposition
One-Eyed Councilmember Remains Blind to Public Safety     It's Jean Quan
The city council voted itself a pay raise at its June 27, 2006 meeting. The buddies at the Ethics Commission say inflation was 3.2% but authorized a 4% raise. The first job of City government is public safety. Do you feel 4% safer than last year – or any safer?
Civic Honor to the "Enough Is Enough!" Signers     
De La Fuente Concedes
Congratulations, Mayor Dellums!
Wed., June 14, 2006, 10 p.m.: A crowd of 20 to 30 teenagers at Foothill and 55th Ave. stops cars, surrounds them, and jumps on them. Drivers desperately try to back up and get away.
Politicians and Board Agree on Stiffing Oakland Residents
Gunplay Up Close
Teacher Urges No on Measure B Bonds
Oakland's Auto Theft Syndrome
Council Rushes Five Tax Hikes
Councilmember Peddles Phony Staffing Numbers     and City Hall tries to help her
Eliminating Park Rangers While Raising LLAD Tax
De La Fuente Boldly Sells Failure as Success
Oakland's do-it-yourself police service: Resident emails a report to neighbors about her stolen car. Councilmember Quan's full reply: "Sorry. Drive around...80 percent found within a mile from home. Within a week."
The Moxie of an Oakland Armed Robbery Victim
City Pulls Community Police Out of Community Policing
Grand-Lake Killings, Grand Folly at City Hall
Police Board Exposes Crisis and Scandal
Oakland Fails State Audit of Tax-Credit Handouts     Scandal of enterprise zones
Playground for Punks
City: Have a Budget Surplus, So Let's Raise Taxes
Don't File This One Under 'Stupid'
Council's Cop Recruiting Shortchanges Oakland
On Tuesday, Emergency; On Friday, All Is Well
SF Can Recruit Police; Why Not Oakland?
Out of Control: More Than Homicides
Petition and Rally Jam City Hall
Young Workers Speak Out on Crime
"Yes, we're armed at this store. This is Oakland." So said the manager of a cell phone outlet on Telegraph Avenue. Two pistol-armed robbers attacked him. After being slammed to the floor, the manager shot before they did. They fled. Oakland Tribune, March 5
"Safety First" Group Defames Oakland Activist
Short-term Gimmicks Doomed to Fail
Image Crisis Stirs City Hall to Frenzy
Factoid: Sideshows never went away, but the Tribune reports a heavy night Feb. 26, 2006. Sideshows erupted at 14th and Franklin, Jack London Square, and High and San Leandro St. Public safety should be number one priority for city government, but the council is too busy dealing in political pork.
March 7 Rally Has Council Scrambling
Police Crisis: Tribune Lets Voice of People In
Public Safety Demand Hits Mayoral Candidates
Police Recruiting Spirals Downward
Bureaucratic Bloat Undermines Community Policing     NSCs re-organized
Patrick McCullough: Triumph of a Hero
Teens Did NOT Rob for Food
City Adds Hundreds of Staff But No Police     From 1994 to 2005
Councilmembers Feel Heat for Neglecting Public Safety
Merchants Across Oakland Report Increased Crime
Petition, March 7 Rally for Peaceful Neighborhoods!
North Oakland Meeting Demands Safe Neighborhoods
Clorox to City Hall: Clean up the crime
Factoid: "The cost for a seismic retrofit permit in Oakland is 10 percent of the construction cost, with a minimum permit fee of $750. Other cities average about $310; San Leandro charges $250." – John Bouey, letter to Oakland Tribune, Jan. 30, 2006
Reviewing Mayor Brown's Failure to Staff the Police Department
Dirty Tricks for Another Regressive Parcel Tax [LLAD]
Edes Avenue Made Safe for a Day
The List of Tax Swindles
More Tax Cheating: Measure Q This Time     More money, reduced staff
Whose Spin, Brunner's or Tucker's?
He Can't Speak Straight on Latino Homicides
Police Staffing Plummets in 2005
City Delays; Dealers Use Neighbor's Property
The Difference in Community Leaders     Jacquee Castain calls for community policing
Do We Have a City Hall or an Insane Asylum?
Columnist Stinnett: Council Should Add More Police
Dirty Tricks for Another Regressive Parcel Tax
Fruitvale Adds Demand for Peaceful Neighborhood
Factoid: Nearly 40% of traffic collisions in Oakland become hit and runs. Welcome to the lawless city. (OPD Traffic Operations Section statistics)
City Inflates Police Count at Town Hall
2005 Homicides Surpass 2004
Police Understaffing Drives Businesses out of Oakland
City Unable to Recruit Police?
City Abolishes Patrol Beats
With Police Understaffed, Black Muslims Take Down Two Liquor Stores
One "Major Incident" Brings Police Service to Halt
Auto Theft: Oakland #6 in United States
Police Department Issues Letter on Crime Reduction Teams
Councilmember Protests Cutback of Crime Reduction Teams
Across US, Only Oakland Has Halloween Crime Spree
Councilmember's Housing Project Hit by Vandalism
Riot at OHA Property on 58th Street
City Disbands Police Beat Health Unit
Ishmael Reed on the Peace-and-Quiet Bandits
Adams Point Kidnapping Not Oakland Police's Top Priority
Political Squabbling Over Measure Y Pork Begins     De La Fuente versus Nadel
Thug-Culture Riot at City's Kaiser Auditorium
Oakland's Toleration of Boom Cars Drives Couple to Oregon
Understaffed OPD Cannot Shut Down 23rd Avenue Drug Bazaar
City Council Lavishes Money on Nonprofit Slumlord     Grants to OCH
Park Rangers Cut; Evening Patrol Slashed
Filmgoer Says Held Hostage to Mayhem     Vehicle Stereos Overwhelm Public Cinema
"The responsibility for the chaos in Oakland due to rampant vicious crime rests squarely on the Oakland City Council. ... It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the police are understaffed.... Further, the Oakland City Council does nothing but undercut the authority of the Oakland Police Department in performing its duties, while taking generous amounts of money for themselves and their petty concerns."
J.W. Yager, Letter to editor (excerpts), Montclarion, Aug. 5, 2005
July Police Academy Sells Training Slots to Other Cities
Council Queen to Dimond Residents: You're Imagining Crime
Mandatory Overtime Leaves OPD Near Collapse
City Grants Used to Campaign Against More Police     PUEBLO broke the law
LA Mayor Villaraigosa Calls for 1,300 More Police
A Trivial Exchange
Council Tells July 6 hearing: No 802 Police, Now Pay Up
Coming July 6: Council Does Damage Control
Councilmember Stumbles on Prostitution
Staffing Figures in City Budget Are Fiction
"Stop the Bleeding"

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