Restore Peaceful Neighborhoods!


ORPN is a group of activists, most with a long history in the Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils.

  • We joined the people who gathered more than 1,100 signatures on the historic "Enough Is Enough!" petition demanding a fully staffed police department.
  • We bring you the facts on how understaffed Oakland's police department is. We campaigned against Measure Y and helped persuade the city council to skip the "inflation" increase in this parcel tax for 2006-07.
  • We opposed a councilmember's campaign to spend $100 million on a palace replacement for the main library to the detriment of neighborborhood libraries. ORPN was a vital part of the coalition that defeated the Measure N bond issue at the polls and sent it back to the council.
  • We fight against regressive parcel taxes. We helped wage the campaign against a 42 percent, $10 million increase in the Landscape and Lighting Assessment (LLAD), most of which was budgeted to do anything but improve parks and lighting. Voters defeated this increase in June 2006!
    (See our Archives page for details on these accomplishments.)

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